Franciscan alumnus discusses hope, healing for homosexuality, shows film “The Third Way”


A Franciscan University alumnus and licensed mental health counselor addressed causes and healing of homosexuality, the importance of chastity and presented the film “The Third Way” on Tuesday in the Gentile Gallery.

“Why would God create (homosexuals) this way and then call it an abomination?” said David Prosen, LMHC, in his talk, “Same Sex Attraction: A Catholic, Professional and Personal Perspective.” “How could God say love is an abomination, after all isn’t God love?”

Prosen began his talk by exploring the causes of and healing methods for homosexuality. He listed studies that were conducted to articulate arguments for causes and followed up by exploring the clinical approaches for healing homosexuality.

“If we are to help those with same-sex attraction come to the fullness of truth in Jesus Christ we must act out of compassion,” Prosen said. “Men and women with same-sex attraction did not ask for or choose this experience.”

Prosen then followed this part of his talk with an explanation of the Catholic Church’s teaching on homosexuality.

“He was very inspiring,” Franciscan University student Kalin Lippsmeyer said. “His story shows that he has a lot of experience with that and has compassion. He can relate to both sides, where people who are struggling with same-sex attraction are coming from and the other side where loved ones are coming from. He gave really good practical tips for people.”

Prosen finished his talk with a showing of the short movie “The Third Way,” in which he made an appearance, as well as by sharing personal experiences that the film excludes.

“The movie was really moving,” said Brendan Avila, Franciscan University student. “It was the first time I had seen it. He gave a lot of good practical information. … especially what to do or say when people who are close to you experience same-sex attraction.”

Prosen also brought a list of resources available to everyone at the talk. He recommended the website of Courage, a Catholic apostolate serving those with same-sex attraction, as well as his website as a means of resources to help those who wish to learn more or who are struggling with same-sex attraction.

“Our identity isn’t about what gender we are attracted to,” David Prosen said. “Our identity is in Christ. We are men and women created in the image and likeness of God. The church calls us to chastity, each and every one of us. It doesn’t matter if we experience same-sex attraction, opposite-sex attraction, whether we’re married, single or in a relationship. It doesn’t matter. All of us, all of us, are called to chastity.”

Prosen will return to campus March 2 to have a viewing and discussion on the movie “Desire of the Everlasting Hills.”

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