Franciscan alumnus shares story, God’s plan in music

John Trabbic
John Trabbic
Photo by Kevin Lohrmann
John Trabbic performs in the Gentile gallery Friday night.


Franciscan University alumnus John Trabbic performed at the university Feb. 27 while on his debut tour, “The Journey—My Inspirations.”

The concert featured praise and worship songs as well as some of Trabbic’s own musical pieces. However, the Christian genre is not where his musical journey began.

Trabbic first fell in love with music when he was 15 years old. He started a band, leading vocals and playing the drums. However, the rock music that the band performed just did not satisfy him.

“It wasn’t what I wanted to do, which was find God,” Trabbic explained.

After attending a Steubenville Youth Conference, his perspective on the Christian genre changed. Trabbic said that Christian music “spoke to his heart.” He found inspiration in Tenth Avenue North, Matt Maher and Chris Tomlin. He decided to write his own Christian music.

Trabbic’s tour, “The Journey—My Inspirations,” which began in February, allows him to share his talents for God’s glory.

“I felt the Lord calling me to use my gifts to go and pray and worship,” said Trabbic.

Jessica Campana, Trabbic’s girlfriend, joins Trabbic during the song “Lead Me to You.” She began to sing with Trabbic more often after they began dating, and she describes his songs as “music that takes your heart right to God.”

“He doesn’t want to put it on for entertainment,” explained Campana, member of Daughters of Zion household, one of the concert’s sponsors. “Its main purpose is to grow in prayer.”

Approximately 85 people came to hear Trabbic’s music, including student Alana Schoenle. Schoenle shared that, while Trabbic was the one singing, the concert was not about him. She described that Trabbic’s concert allowed the audience to experience a spiritual encounter.

“The message was how much God means to him and how much he wants to spread this news to everyone he meets,” said Schoenle.

In addition to the Daughters of Zion, the concert was also sponsored by Trabbic’s household, Guardians of the Divine Will.