Franciscan joins other schools at sexuality, integrity conference


“As a student fellow of the Love and Fidelity Network, I am personally committed to upholding and promoting the institution of marriage, the unique role of the family, and the integrity of sex, and aim to foster civil discussion and understanding on these topics within my campus community,” is the mission statement of the Love and Fidelity Network.

This statement is what the Love and Fidelity Network tries to provide for students nationwide, and what the Anscombe Society promotes on Franciscan University’s campus.

This past November 7-9, the Anscombe Society, some sisters of Beloved First Truth and other students attended the national Love and Fidelity Network’s sexuality, integrity and the university conference at Princeton University.

The conference consisted of a wide variety of talks on subjects such as friendship and marriage, the biology of love, religious freedom, defending the integrity of marriage and sexuality overall.

It was attended by over 300 schools including Harvard, Yale, Columbia, University of Pittsburgh and even Universidad Panamericana from Mexico City. They came together from all walks of life – from Catholic to Mormon – to talk about the topics the Love and Fidelity Network promotes.

“It was hugely beneficial in that it helped people to see the landscape is bigger than Franciscan,” Anscombe Society Co-President Dave Deshiell said. “People knew that, but I don’t think they understood as much as they do now like the political believes people have, as well as views people have that seem very foreign especially about marriage.”

The talks were given by highly respected individuals who work to promote marriage and sexual integrity from teachers at schools like Catholic University of America such as Dr. Melissa Moschella, and even working with the president on certain affairs like Dr. William B. Hulburt does. Other speakers even gave actual data to show a side of protection in the psychological sciences such as Dr. Scott Stanley.

Yet, for the majority of the talks the concentration was marriage in the now and how one should protect the integrity of the marriage in their own beliefs. Speakers for this included Dr. Robert P. George, Tim Reckart, Valerie Huber, Kay S. Hymowits and the highly recognizable “date doctor” who asks assigns her students to ask a person on a date face to face, Kerry Cronin.

“It was very helpful for the Anscombe Society,” Deshiell said. “We got very potent arguments from different backgrounds like evolutionary psychology, biology, the social sciences, lots of studies, philosophies. It was a very nice conspectus on how to explain these issues. The people liked being informed, I could tell from what people talked about in socializing activities Princeton held after the conference.”

This annual conference has been attended in the past by the Franciscan chapter of the Anscombe Society, and they hope to continue to attend every year.

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