Franciscan men’s soccer suffers loss to Marietta in first home game


The Franciscan University Barons men’s soccer team lost 5-1 to the Marietta Pioneers during the Barons’ first home game Wednesday, following a half-hour rain delay.

“We were almost afraid to play,” said Ward Rogers, the head coach of the Barons. “In a water game like this, we weren’t passing the ball very well. We’re going to make some subtle changes for the next game.”

The rain continued throughout the game.

The Barons began with a rough start; the two teams fought for the ball and the Pioneers earned possession. Franciscan’s goalie, sophomore Tom Dosedel, blocked quite a few hits to the goal from the Pioneers, ending with five stops while the Pioneers had one save at the end of the game.

Members of both teams struggled to keep the ball between their feet due to the wet conditions. However, Marietta took advantage of the Barons’ tentativeness in the first half, scoring four goals, three of them in an 8-minute span. Equal fouls were made on both sides. The half finished with Marietta in the lead 4-0.

After half-time, the rain eased, and Franciscan redeemed itself coming into the second half more aggressively. At the beginning of the half, Marietta’s Luke Saunders scored one goal, the Pioneers’ final goal of the game.

With 15 minutes left in the game, Franciscan sophomore forward Leo Herrmann gained possession of the ball and passed it to senior forward John Imbimbo, who scored the Barons’ first and only goal, bringing the score to 5-1.

Franciscan University will be playing against Bethany College in West Virginia on Sept. 16 at 4 p.m.