Franciscan president speaks on prayer from the heart

By Eleanor O’Hagan
Staff Writer

The Rev. Dave Pivonka, TOR, said that intimacy with God should be the driving factor in prayer from the heart during a talk given on March 6 in Christ the King Chapel.

Pivonka began by saying that each individual has a God-given soul which is both interior and immortal.

“God literally breathed life into us,” he said.

Pivonka then began to speak on prayer from the heart. He said this kind of prayer leaves the intellect and goes deeper into oneself.

Pivonka referred to Matthew 6:6, saying that prayer from the heart involves coming to the “inner room” within the self to speak to and be present with God.

The challenge of realizing that God dwells in each of us despite our faults, Pivonka said, helps deepen our understanding of how to simply be present to God as He is to us is.

Pivonka also addressed experiencing distraction during prayer and gave three steps to overcome it.

“Recognize it, see it, let it go,” he said.

Pivonka said it’s also important to know the time of day, place, posture and atmosphere that allows the individual to pray most deeply. Pivonka added that prayer from the heart takes practice.

Pivonka then led those in attendance through prayer during a time of adoration, allowing participants to practice prayer from the heart. After the time of prayer, he concluded the night by explaining the importance of praying from the heart.

“You won’t always have perpetual adoration available,” Pivonka said, adding that it is necessary to “encounter him (God) in the depths of who you are.”

Pivonka’s talk was part of a Lenten series called the School of Prayer. The next even in the series will be on March 20 in Christ the King Chapel.