Frannies frolic in plaid at flannel fest


Photo by: Elena Mirus

The J.C. Williams Center filled with students wearing plaid shirts of every color imaginable at the Flannel Fest Saturday night, Sept. 28. 

The fest, which ran from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m., involved a coffeehouse performance and refreshments inside the building and a bonfire outdoors. Students kept the air buzzing with conversation and applause for the performances.  

The line to purchase entry and optional wristbands for food stretched from the inside stairs all the way outside.

For the students who opted to purchase refreshments, tables were spread with fall-themed deserts and drinks, such as caramel apples and gluten-free pumpkin spice cookies. The apple cider proved so popular that the event ran out within the first 15 minutes and members of the hosting households had to do a Kroger run for more supplies. 

Inside, the J.C. sported decorative streamers strung overhead, tables with white tablecloths and chairs rearranged such that people could relax and enjoy the night’s performances.  

The atmosphere outside was vibrant as well. Students chatted and roasted marshmallows around a bonfire, and yard games kept everyone laughing — and sweating — as students played glow-in-the-dark soccer, light-up ring toss, KanJam and cornhole.  

There was a plethora of talent in the openmic coffeehouse as people sang and performed music. Freshman Madeleine Van Haute said that “those who performed at the Flannel Fest were greatly admired and appreciated for their talent.”  

The second to last song of the night was Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” which brought the crowd members together as they sang along with the performer. The night drew to a close with a beautiful song by ladies from the Handmaids of the Lord household. 

“One thing I love about Flannel Fest is that it allows for great interaction between upperclassmen and lowerclassmen,” said senior Sanziana Tamiian, “because everyone gets to enjoy the artistic talents of campus and the overall feeling of what campus life is like. … There’s a little bit of everything for people. It was a nice night for community.” 

The Flannel Fest was hosted by Handmaids of the Lord and Soldiers Under Command households. 

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