FUSG allocates funds to Athletic Department


Franciscan University Student Government allocated approximately $374 to the university’s Athletic Department during its Jan. 16 meeting.

Spring Bill 2 allocated $255.94 for the department to buy nets and rope lines for the sand volleyball courts behind St. Thomas More Hall. Spring Bill 5 allocated $118 for the purchase of two Spikeball sets, at a cost of $59 each. Both bills passed unanimously.

Spring Bill 3 allocated $300 to Student Government to buy Chick-Fil-A sandwiches for the all-student strategic planning meeting to be held on Jan. 22. Sen. Derek Markle supported the bill, saying the sandwiches would draw students to the meeting and are from a good company.

Sen. Chase Dorsett agreed, saying, “I like chicken, I like Jesus. Chick-Fil-A supports both of these, so I support this bill.” It passed without opposition.

Young Americans for Freedom received $2,000 to pay for Michael Knowles’ speaking event last semester. The money had originally been allocated to the club in the fall, but there were complications in delivering the payment, so the $2,000 was returned to contingency fund at the end of the fall semester. The bill passed unanimously.

In other news:
$200 was allocated to Student Government to pay for airport shuttles that had brought students back to campus at the beginning of the semester.
Fall Bill 6 allocated $30 to Student Government to buy doughnuts for SG on the Hill.
Former Justice Kassidy Kobilsek was confirmed as Treasurer to replace Kelsey Scott-Avery.
Unexcused from the meeting were Internal Auditor Eric Genuis and Sen. Daniel McNichol. Excused were President Gabe Gessler, Sen. Carly Newman and Justice Loren Shillinglaw.

Student Government will next meet on Jan. 23 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.

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