FUSG allocates funds to Voice of Martyrs Club


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) allocated $125 to the Voice of the Martyrs club during the April 19 business meeting.

The meeting began with the treasurer’s report, given by Treasurer Danny Butters.  According to Butters, the amount of money left in the contingency fund totaled $47,453.09.  Following the approval of minutes and committee reports, the meeting progressed to the introduction of new legislation.

Spring Bill 23, sponsored by Sen. Jimmy Kueber, called for $125 to be allocated to the Voice of Martyrs club.  Representing the club was President-Elect Jared Schiemer.  The club, which was approved by both Student Life and FUSG last semester, asked for the money with the intention of producing 15 shirts for club members.  According to the bill, the club hopes that by purchasing the shirts, it can raise awareness about religious persecution.

Following a show of support from Sens. Gabe Gessler and Louis Heisler, the bill was approved without serious objection.

After the conclusion of the meeting’s formal business, President Jack Scanlon reminded the body that the biannual Hilltop Cleanup will occur on April 22.  He made it a point to ask all members to attend.  Following this announcement, Sen. Stephen Shaw, chair of the finance committee, reminded the senators who represent student clubs that there is no specific form that must be submitted as their budget.  He said that budgets were due by midnight later that day and that budget hearings would begin on Friday.

Chief Justice Ben Idzik announced that elections for next year’s student government will be held May 2.  The previous week, April 23-29, will be designated as the campaigning week. He added that anyone planning to run should email their intention to him by April 23.  The meeting was then adjourned.

FUSG will next meet April 26 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.

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