FUSG allocates large sum for drive-in theater

Danielle Huber
Business Manager

Franciscan University Student Government allocated $1,200 at the Wednesday meeting to Residence Life for the rental of a drive-in movie theater.

The double-feature event will be held in the St. Joseph Center parking lot at a date to be scheduled. This will be an RA program run by FUSG Vice President Joshua Schutte.

FUSG added $1,019.62 to the Baron Blast budget for the payment of T-shirts that will be given to students for free and for shuttles that will take students to the rugby pitch.

FUSG allocated $80 to Carae Domini Cookie Call. These cookies will be delivered to the students in quarantine by members of FUSG during the Cookie Call fundraiser, held by Carae Domini women’s household.

FUSG allocated $75.38 for the purchase of candy for the Health and Wellness fair, which will be held Nov. 8 in the J.C. Williams Center.

Class senators will soon be able to send out mass emails to their fellow classmates to provide a means of communication and an opportunity for their classmates to ask questions, express concerns and give ideas.

This meeting’s Best Dressed awards went to Schutte and Public Relations Liaison Gina Villanti.

The next FUSG meeting will be held at 11 a.m. on Oct. 13 in the St. Leo room.

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