FUSG allocates money for swing competition, capstone project


Franciscan University Student Government allocated money for a swing dance competition and a Center for Leadership Senior Capstone Project, among other bills, during its Oct. 18 meeting.

St. Vitus Social Dance Club was allocated $275 in a revised vision of a bill that was deemed unconstitutional by Student Government’s judicial branch. Fall Bill #22 allocated the same amount of money for the club’s second swing dance competition but was amended to require the club to charge an entrance fee for participating students.

In a decision issued Oct. 8, Chief Justice Ben Idzik said that the amendment to force an entry fee violated Student Government’s constitution and by-laws, ruling the bill to be null and void.

The revised Fall Bill #33 did not require an entrance fee to be collected. The money will be used for food and refreshments, as well as several cash prizes that students will compete for. Sen. Jacob Watson asked for a roll call vote when it came time to approve the bill. The vote was 9-1 to pass the bill, with Sens. Watson and Daniel McNichol abstaining.

Due to the lack of debate, Chief Justice Ben Idzik requested that Sen. Marisa Pinto, who was the sole dissenting vote, as well as Watson and McNichol, explain their votes. Pinto reiterated comments made at the Oct. 4 meeting, saying that she didn’t believe that the prize money is necessary, which prompted her negative vote.

McNichol abstained due to being conflicted on the merits of the bill, and Watson abstained out of a potential conflict of interest, as he is a potential competitor.

Fall Bill #34 called for $250 to be allocated to students Mike Hass and Dom Salamida for their sponsoring of an Oct. 24 talk entitled “Life after Franciscan.” According to Hass, who was in attendance on Wednesday, the pair expects 50-100 people to attend the talk. After Sen. Jeremiah Poff asked Hass what that estimate was based off of, Hass responded that they have talked to several households about making the talk into a mandatory commitment and will be promoting the event on social media. The bill was then passed unanimously.

Also during the meeting, Sen. Danny Bagley introduced Fall Bill #31, which called for the confirmation of Kassidy Kobilsek as justice. Sen. Pinto spoke in favor of Kobilsek and she was confirmed unanimously.

Following brief announcements by President Samantha Martinez, the meeting was adjourned.

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