FUSG amends bylaws


Franciscan University Student Government amended its bylaws during its March 7 meeting to prevent the passage of large purchases by a simple majority vote.

The Fiscal Responsibility Act changed Student Government bylaws to require that financial allocations of $5,000 or more be approved by a two-thirds majority. Previously, any financial allocation could be passed by a simple majority vote.

The amendment was in direct response to last semester’s controversial purchase of an $11,000 climbing wall, said Sen. Jeremiah Poff, the bill’s sponsor. Poff was a vehement opponent to the purchase, which was passed by one vote, and proposed the amendment to avoid large purchases to be approved without greater consent by the Senate.

Sen. Michael Williams called the amendment a “wonderful bill,” and said that it would allow Student Government to make large allocations with prudence and responsibility. The amendment passed unanimously.

Student Government also passed a bill giving $1,436.34 to the university’s athletic department for the installation of new mirrors in the weight room. According to the bill, the mirrors will increase the safety of weight room users and were installed over spring break. The bill was passed unanimously.

Student Government allocated itself $891.40 in order to pay for doughnuts to be given out during its SG on the Hill initiative. According to President Samantha Martinez, this bill would replace a previous bill allocating money for the same purpose. She said that students would be enticed with doughnuts to take surveys about the state of the university.

Also during the meeting:

Student Government officially recognized two clubs: the Board Game Association and the Italian Club.

The Biology Club was given $90 to pay for pizza during nature documentary showings.

The Coffee Club received $250 to pay for coffee making equipment.

Vice President Gabe Gessler received a $40 reimbursement for paying for gas during university students’ trip to CPAC.

Student Government Treasurer Olivia Romano reported that the contingency fund held 23,119.96.

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