FUSG approves allocations, welcomes new members


Franciscan University Student Government approved six allocations and welcomed five members into new roles during its business meeting Wednesday, Feb. 6.

Spring Bill 21 allocated $612 to the IDEAS club for its trip to the United Nations over spring break. The money will be used for transportation in New York City. The bill was passed unanimously.

Spring Bill 25 allocated $399 to the Franciscan University Athletic Department to purchase foam training mats for the Aerobics Room. President Gabe Gessler said the new mats would be used for the Office of Student Life’s student self-defense class in the hopes that more students would be able to join.

“There is already a waitlist for the class, so we want to get rid of it by purchasing more mats,” Gessler said before the bill passed.

Spring Bill 19 gave the FUS Thrives, a mental-health awareness club, $342.50 for the purchase of promotional materials.

Sen. Derek Markle, a resident assistant in St. Louis Hall, spoke in favor of the bill, saying, “From a Residence Life perspective, this is something that is much needed. Students need to know about counseling and other opportunities.”

Spring Bill 16 allocated $300 to Student Government for online media advertising, to be used at the discretion of Public Relations Liaison Bridget Christensen.

After having several members resign over the past weeks, Student Government confirmed several of their replacements at the meeting.

Former Executive Assistant Alex McKenna was confirmed as the new internal auditor to fill a void left by Sam Genius; sophomore Mary Bridget Dillon replaced McKenna in the executive assistant position.

Sophomores Mary Ann Cortese and Ellie McCarty were confirmed as new justices, replacing seniors Carrie Perham, who resigned to run for an empty senate seat, and Loren Shillinglaw.

Perham was elected by secret ballot to fill the senior senate seat left by former Sen. Francis Heroux, who graduated at the end of last semester.

In other news:

Spring Bill 20 allocated $271 to the G.K. Chesterton Club to reimburse them for the travel of one of their speakers this semester.

Spring Bill 18 allocated $180 to the Veritas Society to cover food and gas for its trip to a debate at Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia.

Chief Justice Jeremiah Poff announced a special election for two freshmen seats to fill spots left by Ahysen Silva and Chase Dorsett, who resigned earlier in the week. The election will be held next week.

Student Government will next meet Wednesday, Feb. 13, at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.