FUSG discusses funding, makes announcements

By Peter Baugher
Distribution Manager

The Franciscan University Student Government met on Wednesday, Nov. 29, to discuss legislation for club funding and a Christmas Party on campus.

According to Treasurer Patrick Hardy, the contingency was at $4,500.

Senior secretary Francis Langly said that between 30 and 40 students attended a FUSG-sponsored question and answer session with Rev. Jonathan St. Andre, TOR, on the renovations of Christ the King Chapel.

The Senate passed Fall Bill 38, which reallocated $225 from the Murder Mystery Club’s budget for a new club sub-budget called “Murder Mystery Dinner Party.”

The senate also passed Fall Bill 39, which reallocated $100 from The Byzantine Club’s internal budget titled “chapel implements” for gas money so the club can retrieve donated icons used in Byzantine Divine Liturgies on campus.

The bill also reallocated $204.95 of funds from the club’s budget titled Annunciation Monastery Visit so the club can purchase a gift for the celebrant of Maronite Liturgies on campus.

The Senate passed Fall Bill 40, which allocated $2,000 from FUSG’s contingency to co-sponsor a Christmas party in the JC Williams Center in collaboration with the office of Resident Life.

The breakdown of costs includes $1,000 for biscuits from “Tudor’s Biscuit World” and pizza from Papa Johns, $250 for desserts, $150 each for gingerbread houses and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as funding for other snacks, decorations and crafts material.

Sophomore Sen. Kenneth Gummerson supported the bill but said, “We just need to advertise it really well because very few people were aware of the Q&A that was happening.”

Sen. Prendergast said, “Given that the party falls on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception … why is it not an Immaculate Conception party? And if it’s not, is there going to a reference the solemnity?”

Max Anthony, whom Pres. Gabe Denley identified as a “club representative”, said he is getting the schola to perform some Christmas hymns but also a hymn to Mary to emphasize the feast within the party.

“You have to advertise it as a Christmas Party but then make people aware that this is also not just about Jesus but also our Blessed Mother,” said Anthony.

Before voting to pass the bill, Sen. Tortorelli questioned if $1,000 was to be spent on pizza and biscuits.

Anthony responded that he asked for more than he needed in case FUSG wanted to reduce the cost, and said that enough people have already said that they want to come to warrant that amount of money.

The Senate tabled Fall Bill 42, which Senior Sen. Prendergast sponsored, after questions arose about the procedures to allocate the funding and the breakdown of the cost.

The bill allocated $1,000 from the FUSG contingency to Juventutem Franciscan to cover the conference costs in September.

The conference totaled $3,050, according to the text of the bill. The cost included a $1,500 speaking fee, $550 for travel, $550 for lodging, $200 for renting Leonardo’s Ballroom, $100 for food and $150 for Leonardo’s gift cards for the Franciscan University schola members who sang at the event.

Senate Majority Leader and Senior Sen. Jacob Smith had to abstain from voting on the bill because he is the president of Juventutem.

Sen. Peter Sammons announced that he and Chief Justice Faith Sirilla are engaged.