FUSG finalizes spring budget


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) met Wednesday to finalize its budget for the spring 2017 semester.

The meeting began with the treasurer’s report, during which Treasurer Danny Butters announced that the contingency fund currently sat at $36,867.96. Immediately following, Vice President Clare McCallan moved the meeting to formal business with a firm reminder to all senators in attendance to be participative in the meeting, as they would be reviewing proposed budgets of sixteen FUSG clubs.

There were several amendments made to some budgets that were proposed Monday at the informal meeting that was attended by all members of FUSG and club representatives for all clubs asking for funds.

At the end of the formal business, the budget for spring semester was locked in at $38,522. Clubs receiving funds include the Anscombe Society ($155), Army ROTC ($840), Baronettes ($150), Fatal Men’s Ultimate Frisbee team ($3,000), FUS Eagle Scouts ($340), FUS Equestrian Club ($1,350), the Gadfly ($900), IDEAS ($2,350), Latinos for Christ ($1,035), St. Vitus Social Dance Club ($700), Scanlan Scholar Society ($20), FUSG ($18,122), Students for Life ($2,550) and Young Americans for Freedom ($7,010).

Once the budget had been approved, President Jack Scanlon and Sen. Samantha Martinez thanked all members of FUSG for their diligent work in making what the often long and complicated process of creating and approving a budget quick and concise.

Sen. Joseph Starcher then addressed the body for the final time as a member of Student Government. Sen. Starcher resigned his post, effective at noon on Wednesday, and took this opportunity to thank the body for the opportunity to serve on Student Government.

A special sophomore election will be held to replace the empty seat.

FUSG will not be meeting next week due to Thanksgiving. Its next meeting will be Dec. 1.