FUSG funds Thanksgiving community outreach projects

Edyta Wolk


Franciscan University Student Government was allocated $300 for the purchase of supplies for various Thanksgiving projects at its meeting Wednesday, Nov. 11.

Fall Bill 40 broke down the $300 budget as follows: $150 for the purchase of gifts for different groups within the Franciscan community, including the TOR friars, the chapel office, the Student Life Office, the Academic Affairs Office and the library; and $150 for pizza, drinks and other snacks for the FUSG end-of-semester social.

Sponsoring senator Jacob Schmiesing said that Thanksgiving would be a good opportunity to express thanks to both the members of the senate and to the members of the wider campus community. The bill was unanimously approved.

Also during the meeting, Fall Bill 37 reimbursed senior Mary Kettinger $67.50 for the purchase of snacks for the Nov. 8 Climate Change Panel Discussion sponsored by the Political Science Association, and Fall Bill 39 allocated $200 to FUSG for the purchase of food and drinks for its Nov. 16 budget meeting.

Multiple members of the government body were marked absent from the meeting: President Athanasius Sirilla, excused; Executive Assistant Paul Aubert, unexcused; Senator Mary Ann Cortese, excused; Senator Josh Costello, unexcused; Senator Maggie Cavanaugh, unexcused; and Justice Aidan Howard, unexcused.

Student Government meets Wednesdays at 11 a.m. in the Seminar Room of the St. Joseph’s Center.