FUSG gives money to support clubs

Danielle Huber
Business Manager

Veritas Society and Center for Leadership both received funds of over $1,000 from Franciscan University Student Government Wednesday in the St. Leo Room.

Veritas Society, represented by senior Andrew Anderson, received $2,500 from FUSG for five nights of student performances and six lectures throughout the semester. Veritas Society’s goal is to bring to campus regular opportunities to witness musical beauty and the splendor of truth.

A CFL Capstone Project, represented by senior Evelyn Nick, received $1,500 from FUSG to cover the cost of guest speaker Katie McGrady, T-shirts and colored powder for this semester’s color run, which will be on October 8 and 9. CFL’s goal is to raise mental health awareness, build community and teach students how to navigate their mental health.

Juventutem Franciscan received $400 to host guest speaker Hugh Owens of the Kolbe Center who is giving a talk called “Creation, Evolution, and the Crisis of Faith” on Sept. 29 in the Gentile Gallery at 7 p.m. A portion of event donations will be given to the Kolbe Center.

FUSG allocated $339.18 to pay for donuts and coffee from Dunkin Donuts after the 10 a.m. mass on Sept. 12. Gluten-free donuts will also be provided.

FUSG also allocated $25 for the purchase of candy for the booths at the Student Life Club Fair held Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

FUSG President Alex McKenna, senior, met with Campus Security regarding the increased fines for parking tickets as well as the increase in cost for parking passes. Further details on the reason for the increase of costs will be provided after Sept. 20.

“We are moving in a different direction regarding campus security as indicated by an increase in rates,” said McKenna.

As a part of McKenna’s campaign party, McKenna met with Nathan Ware of CFL to discuss a quarter-acre community garden behind Assisi Heights. More information regarding when the garden will be built will be available later in the semester.

Best Dressed Male Award went to McKenna, who wore a bow tie, and Best Dressed Female Award went to Treasurer Molly Propson this meeting.

The next Student Government meeting will be held Sept. 15 in the St. Leo Room at 11 a.m.

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