FUSG meets with university chaplain to discuss possibility of using patens

Edyta Wolk


After tabling a proposed advisory resolution concerning patens the week before, Franciscan University Student Government met with the Rev. Shawn Roberson, TOR, university chaplain, during its informal meeting Monday, Oct. 5, to further discuss the issue.

Multiple senators thanked Roberson for the respect that he and the other friars already show to the Blessed Sacrament and for the many Eucharistic processions that have taken place on campus this semester.

Senator David Hahn said that students’ desire for patens in only natural when such Eucharistic devotion is cultivated on campus.

Roberson said that using patens at all Masses would be difficult because the number of altar servers present would have to be doubled. The student ushers that already accompany priests during communion time cannot hold patens, he said, because they already hold a cup of disinfectant in case the priests’ hands touch someone’s mouth.

Senator Jacob Schmiesing, a trained altar server, offered to volunteer his time to practice test runs with patens, to which Roberson expressed gratitude.

Roberson concluded that he did not want to receive the petition for patens that had been circulated around campus, but that he wanted to continue to have these discussions with students.

Following this informal meeting, no new or amended legislation concerning patens was introduced at the senate’s formal meeting on Wednesday.

During the formal meeting:

  • Fall Bill 25 reimbursed Vice President Clement Harrold $19.55 for the purchase of supplies for the coffee machine in the Student Club Offices.
  • Fall Bill 26 allocated $206 to fund quarantine care packages for students. These packages are to include a deck of cards, candy, popcorn, hot chocolate and more.
  • Three senators were marked absent, excused: Bruce Dexter, Maggie Cavanaugh and Maria Gontis.