FUSG modifies bylaws, provides election updates

By Peter Baugher
Staff Writer

Franciscan University Student Government approved an amendment to student government by-laws at its meeting on April 26.

Fall Bill 33, titled “By-Law Amendments,” was passed unanimously at the meeting.

Most changes or additions to bylaws related to the rules for order, the responsibility of the Supreme Court in terms of elections, the process for obtaining candidacy and the rules and regulations for campaigning.

By-law amendments require a two-thirds majority of the senate in order to pass.

A motion by Sen. George Mead to add trial by combat as a way to decide lawsuits was denied by objection. A motion to add trial by physical or intellectual combat was seconded, but failed.

Spring Bill 32, titled “Allocation of Funds to YAF for purchase of club supplies” allocated $500 to the Young Americans Foundation to replace half of the flags used in its annual memorial for the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

The budget committee did not approve a similar bill last week and a motion to bring the bill to the floor failed.

Young Americans Foundation President Mary Grace Byers represented the club at the meeting and was supported by Sen. Liam Fanning, who reminded the senate that it had plenty of money in the contingency. Following this, the bill passed.

President Jared Johnson said the next informal meeting of FUSG will be a household gear day. Johnson also said that Catholic speaker Karlo Broussard will be coming to the university next week to speak on relativism.

Chief Justice Brendan Frederick announced that Sen. Andrew VanDevere had filed a lawsuit to challenge the president’s authority to cancel an informal meeting. The lawsuit was acknowledged but not approved by the court.

Sen. James Duarte motioned to decertify the election of Sen-Elect Peter Lim and certify the election of Catriona Fahey and Kimberly Nicolosi. Duarte’s motion passed.

According to the treasurer’s report, the FUSG contingency was at $1,778 at the start of the meeting.

No committees prepared reports for the meeting.