FUSG passes 4 bills, vetoes 1


Four bills were passed and one was vetoed at Franciscan University Student Government’s formal meeting on Wednesday.

The meeting began with the treasurer’s report by Treasurer Nicole Hough. Hough said that the budget had finalized at $43,595.88, adding that the contingency fund is currently $37,746.61.  Following this, Sen. Daniel McNichol reported that the Finance committee had met and unanimously approved Fall Bills #16-19 before unanimously rejecting Fall Bill #20.

This administration’s effort for continued transparency was obvious, as each new piece of legislation brought healthy discussion before the body voted on the matter.

Fall Bill #16 called for $3,000 to be allocated to Student Government for the annual Midnight Madness event. Sen. Danny Bagley spoke in favor of the bill, saying he had fun working at the event last year and looked forward to interacting with the students. After more senators expressed their approval, the bill was passed.

The next bill also sought an allocation of funds to Student Government. Fall Bill #17 asked that $10,000 be allocated to the body for the purchase of filtered water bottle stations. Before debate began on the bill, President Samantha Martinez informed the body that costs are not entirely correct due to a lack of information from Physical Plant but that she expects to spend less than the amount allocated.

McNichol, citing the frequent criticism of some that Student Government doesn’t do much for the student body, supported the bill wholeheartedly and called the bill one of Student Government’s best this semester.

Sen. Catherine Swope asked Martinez if any university outreach had been made to see if there was an actual need for filtered water stations or if it was a big expense for a small inconvenience.  Martinez responded that several students had expressed interest in the stations and that they would make filling water bottles easier. Swope rebutted that she would like to see more debate on the issue but ultimately voted affirmatively as the bill passed without other opposition.

Fall Bill #18 allocated $1,000 to Students for Life for the purchase of a new computer. According to a club representative, the club needed a new computer in order to use new software for the production of promotional materials. The bill was passed without serious objection.

Fall Bill # 19 called for $400 to be allocated to Young Americans for Freedom for production of the Steubenville Stimulus Project. After a brief clarifying question, the bill passed unanimously.

The following bill, #20, also called for money to be allocated to Young Americans for Freedom but was tabled due to a lack of information from the club representative.

Following the conclusion on new legislation, Martinez announced that she had decided to veto Fall Bill #13, saying that the expense required was disproportionate to what other clubs receive.  No senator made a motion to override the veto, and the meeting was adjourned.

Student Government will next meet Sept. 27 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.