FUSG passes bills for boxing gear, athletic competition

By Peter Baugher
Distribution Manager

Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) passed funding for boxing gear and an athletic competition at their Nov. 8 meeting in the J.C. Williams Center.

According to senior Sen. Peter Sammons, the finance committee tabled Fall Bill 29 but amended Fall Bill 30 and Fall Bill 31 before sending both bills to the wider Senate.

Sammons did not discuss the contents of Fall Bill 29.

According to sophomore Sen. Veronica MacDonald, the rules and order committee is considering amending the by-laws to allow the president and vice-president to participate in legislative deliberations and eliminate the external auditor, among other changes.

The senate passed Fall Bill 30, which allocated $255 from contingency funding to buy four pairs of boxing gloves and headgear for the university gym in the Finnegan Fieldhouse.

The senate also passed Fall Bill 31, which allocated $800 to sponsor a strength competition on Nov. 14 in the J.C. Willaims Atrium.

Sponsoring Sen. Peter Sammons said that student government will offer eight different prizes from which the victors of each competition may choose.

Treasurer Patrick Hardy said that giving out gift cards or cash prizes carries a tax for student government, so he recommended that FUSG purchase other items as prizes.

Senior Sen. Kimberly Nicolosi said she would only support the bill if “people agree to keep their shirts on.”

Pres. Gabe Denley said he is working on receiving approval to hang up two pieces of religious art in 26 classrooms throughout the campus. Denley told senators that a bill will be presented in the coming weeks to fund the project.

Denley also told student government that the vice president of advancement offered to attend a FUSG meeting to answer questions about the university’s expansion plans.

Senate Majority Leader Jacob Smith told senators that “we lost” Ohio Issue 1 and called for a campus-wide novena.

Director of Ministries Chris Karroum said a schola holy hour will be on Nov. 15 in Christ the King Chapel.