FUSG passes bills for theatre troupe, First Friday shuttles


Franciscan University Student Government passed two bills during its formal meeting Wednesday, Oct. 2. 

Fall Bill #22 allocated $750 to the Franciscan University Musical Theatre Troupe for the purchase of tracks. The original amount to be allocated was $2,000, but the bill was amended to decrease funding by a vote of 9-3. The bill was then passed unanimously.  

Fall Bill #23 gave Student Government $151 to pay for a driver and shuttles to this week’s First Friday on Fourth event. The bill was passed without opposition.  

After the presentation of legislation, the Senate moved to vote by secret ballot on a majority leader. Sen. Mary Ann Cortese was the only nominee for the position and won with a clear majority, according to the justices. 

Cortese immediately withdrew her nomination for the chairmanship of the Finance Committee, leaving Sen. Patrick Bouchard as the only nominee for the seat. He was confirmed by a secret ballot.  

Four more senators were confirmed as committee chairs: Caitlin Head, Student Welfare; Joshua Schutte, Development; Paul Nick, Rules and Order; and Carly Newman, Outreach.  

Following these confirmations, Treasurer Kelsey Scott-Avery said Student Government held $16,586.92 in its contingency as of Wednesday.  

Student Government will next meet Oct. 9 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room. 

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