FUSG plans student club budget of $27,000 for spring 2022

Chris Dacanay
Sports Editor

Franciscan University Student Government established the overall student club budget for next semester at its meeting Wednesday.

Junior Senator Preston Pelishek said the FUSG Budget Committee met for a total of six and a half hours Tuesday to discuss student club budgets. During that time, Pelishek said, a budget of exactly $27,000 for next semester was passed out of committee.

Senior Treasurer Molly Propson announced that the total funds spent by FUSG this semester equal $9,971.

Fall Bill No. 70 reallocated $1,250 from a ski trip for the Outdoors Club to other fall-related activities.

Sophomore Emmanuel Gessler, president of the Outdoors Club, said, “(The club has) $4,530 allocated to trips that are only possible to do in the spring. … We can only use the money that is allocated for each category, and these categories cannot be used this semester. This means that we have a lot of money that we can’t use.”

Fall Bill No. 71 originally allocated $3,561.16 to senior Nathan Ware and senior Kaleena Montez for their Center for Leadership Capstone Project. The bill was amended to allocate $1,897.14 instead and was then passed.

The project will be a community garden, a quarter of an acre large, behind Assisi Heights, next to the golf course.

Junior Senator Mary Catherine Prostejovsky, who sponsored the bill, said, “The goal of the Capstone Project is to bring together the university community — fostering Catholic community, teaching the important skills of gardening and promoting mental health on campus.”

Fall Bill No. 73 allocated $142.90 for refreshments for a talk on the history of Church relations given by Stephen Krason for the Political Science Association.

Fall Bills No. 68, No. 69 and No. 74 regarded shuttle-related services. The first bill reimbursed senior Executive Assistant John Paul Anthony and the other two allocated funds to FUSG.

Fall Bill. No. 75, which would have purchased a new $15 copy of the movie “Secondhand Lions” for the John Paul II Library, was tabled.

Senior Senator Anthony Zeszut and Junior Senator Maria Sammons were announced as the best-dressed individuals at the meeting.

FUSG meets every Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room of the J.C. Williams Center.