FUSG recognizes new dance club at last meeting of semester

Christopher Dacanay
Sports Editor

Franciscan University Student Government formally recognized the Square Dance Club at its final weekly meeting of the fall semester Wednesday.

Fall Bill No. 91 was untabled and passed, recognizing that the club is in good standing with FUSG and it was permitted to have a budget.

Senior Senator Anthony Zeszut, who sponsored the bill, said, “As stated in the constitution of the club, ‘The purpose of the Square Dance Club is to celebrate American culture with one of the national dances of the United States and to have a peaceful social gathering.’”

Zeszut quoted, “The club will offer a fun event that students can participate in on Saturday nights. Texans, of which we have many, and Washingtonians … will especially appreciate this club.”

  • Fall Bill No. 86 reimbursed FUSG President Alex McKenna $124.88 for the purchase of pizzas for an informal FUSG meeting with student club leaders.
  • Fall Bill No. 87, which would have reimbursed Senior Senator John Paul Anthony $32.85 for gas money, was tabled due to the amount not properly reflecting the amount of gas actually used. Anthony apologized for the mistake.
  • Fall Bill No. 88 allocated $844 to Franciscan’s Young America’s Foundation for gas money.
  • Fall Bill No. 89 allocated $86 to the Byzantine Club to cover a discernment and bowling trip with Byzantine seminarians.
  • Fall Bill No. 90 allocated $13.99 to FUSG to purchase a door noise-blocker for Vocations Outreach’s office.
  • Fall Bill No. 92 reallocated $1,887.46 from Fall Bill No. 9 to the Franciscan University Jubilee Celebration. Costs included the purchasing of a band honorarium and hot chocolate toppings.

Other bills:

  • Fall Bill No. 93 reimbursed McKenna $267.70 for buying quarter-zips for FUSG.
  • Fall Bill No. 94 allocated $36.64 to FUSG to cover taxes from purchasing Chick-fil-A for the “Get A’s On Your Finals” talk.
  • Fall Bill No. 95 reimbursed the Annunciations a cappella group $90 for its Christmas concert after being amended from the previous $82.
  • Fall Bill No. 96 reimbursed Senior Senator Jonathan Meinholz $20.99 for beer purchased for Wisconsin Fest.
  • Fall Bill No. 97 reallocated $343.33 to the Chesterton Society for purchasing books.

In her report, senior Treasurer Molly Propson said FUSG’s contingency funds amount to $2,048.41 and the total funds spent this semester amount to $15,986.82. The current balance in the FUSG account is $40,000.28, most of which Propson said has already been allocated elsewhere.

Zeszut said he will be participating in Franciscan’s Austria Study Abroad program during the spring semester, so he will not be involved with FUSG in a full-senatorial capacity.

Sophomore Justice Sean Winkler said after “very thorough” consideration, both himself and freshman Senator Makena Wisniewski were the best dressed of the meeting.

Both freshman Senator Faith Sirilla and junior Chief Justice Aidan Gavin were excused from the meeting.