FUSG recognizes Turning Point club


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) met Wednesday to discuss the approval of the Turning Point USA club, among other legislation.

The meeting began with the usual Prayer of St. Francis before moving on to the introduction of formal legislation.  Sponsored by Sen. Daniel McNichol, Fall Bill #14 requested that formal Student Government recognition be given to the Turning Point USA club.  Representing the club was president Jeremiah Poff.

This recognition would allow the club to petition Student Government for funds that could be used for various club activities.  Seeing that the club had already been approved by the department of Student Life, the bill was passed without issue.

Fall Bill #15 called for the confirmation of Caitlin Head as Austrian Consul.  After members of the body expressed confusion over the consul’s responsibilities, President Samantha Martinez clarified, saying that the consul serves as an assistant to the Austrian Ambassador, a position filled by sophomore Annie Arvidson.  According to Martinez, the two work together with the Gaming campus Student Life to put on events for the students in Austria.  The bill was passed unanimously.

Sen. McNichol then made a motion to reenter Fall Bill #13, which had previously been tabled, into the agenda.  The bill called for $750 to be allocated to the Franciscan University Equestrian Club to cover training fees for the club’s five shows this semester.  Representing the club was president Anna Updike.  After Updike explained the club’s plans to fundraise throughout the semester, the bill was passed.

President Martinez, however, threatened to veto the bill. Martinez said that she will be taking a more comprehensive review of bills such as these to ensure that they are of worth to the student body.

Following this, Chief Justice Ben Idzik announced that an in-house election will be held for any open sophomore, junior and senior senate positions at the formal meeting on Sept. 27.  An election for all freshmen senate positions will be held on Sept. 26.

Anyone interested in running for the positions should send Idzik an email at [email protected]

Student Government will next meet Sept. 20 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.

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