FUSG removes internal auditor position, makes plans to fill empty senate seats

Edyta Wolk


The issue of the multiple vacant seats on the Franciscan University Student Government was addressed at the senate’s meeting Wednesday, Oct. 14, when the decision to strike the position of internal auditor was unanimously approved.

Fall Bill 28 amended the bylaws of FUSG to altogether get rid of the position, which was previously a seat paid a stipend of $400 a semester but which had remained unfilled by the current administration.

The bill’s sponsoring senator, senior David Hahn, said that the roles of the internal auditor have always been very few and are of little use. He explained that the work can easily be divided up between the remaining cabinet members and that the $400 in stipend money would be better spent on other purposes.

The bill was passed without debate.

Chief Justice Carly Newman also made plans to start moving forward with internal elections to fill the four vacant senate seats: one freshman seat, two sophomore seats and one junior seat.

Two of these seats were already unfilled, and two were just emptied by the resignations of junior Bruce Dexter and sophomore Leo Schafer from the senate.

Schafer had submitted to the senate a resignation letter expressing his dissatisfaction with FUSG’s handling of the advisory resolution on patens, recalling that the use of patens was part of the current administration’s platform during last semester’s campaign.

Also during the meeting:

  • Fall Bill 27 allocated $2,000 to FUSG for the purchase of purified water fountains for St. Clare, St. Thomas More, St. Francis, and Sts. Louis and Elizabeth halls. New fountains for Marian and Trinity halls had already been purchased earlier this semester.
  • Fall Bill 29 allocated $75 to FUSG for the purchase of student government business cards.
  • Fall Bill 30 allocated $215 to FUSG for the purchase of mental health brochures to be made available to students.

Student government meets every Wednesday at 11 a.m. in the seminar room of the St. Joseph’s Center.