FUSG says spring formal is in the works

Danielle Huber

Staff Writer

Athanasius Sirilla, president of Franciscan University Student Government, said that, according to the head of Exc!te, Aileen Casillas, Franciscan University’s spring formal is still happening.

The formal will be held in West Virginia due to the state’s loosened COVID-19 restrictions. Exc!te proposed its plan for the formal to the FUSG events committee and it was accepted.

“As of right now, it is going to happen, but it is open to change,” said Sirilla.

The date of the fomal is still up for debate.

A meeting run by the justices for those declaring their candidacy for FUSG fall 2021 and spring 2022 will be held Monday, March 22, at 8:30 p.m. at the Pugliese Center. All candidates must email Chief Justice Carly Newman by Sunday, March 21.

A Hill Top Clean Up occuring in Labelle and Pleasant Heights neighborhoods will be run by FUSG. A date is currently unknown but the clean up will most likely occur at the end of April, said Sirilla. The clean up will be open to all students to join.

Spring Bill 30 was passed allocating $450 to Mental Health Week for the ability to provide tea tasting, a movie night, care packages, balloons and bubbles. Mental Health Week began Friday, March 19, with free donuts in honor of the solemnity of St. Joseph.

Spring Bill 31 allocated $150 to reimburse Parkhurst for the free coffee promotional last week at St. Drogo’s coffee bar.

Due to lack of visitors to the cafeteria coffee bar, it will be closing after Easter break as discussed between FUSG and Parkhurst staff.

Spring Bill 29 was passed to allocate $1,000 to Jack Greve to continue to purchase food for quarantined students. This food is separate from the food given by Parkhurst and has received positive feedback.

The treasury report for this week was $28,448.

There are no updates on the patens for Mass except that the friars have received the letter written and signed by FUSG.