FUSG senate ties vote over decision to fund post hole digger

Cecilia Engbert
Assistant Editor

The Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) senate tied in a vote to amend a bill that allocated $653.28 to the Catholic Agrarian Club to purchase a post hole digger and other supplies at its Wednesday meeting.

Spring Bill No. 100 originally requested the allocation of $3,329.18 to the Catholic Agrarian Club for supplies to be used to expand and build a fence around the community garden behind Assisi Heights.

However, after discussion about reallocations, FUSG voted to amend the bill to immediately allocate $653.28 for chicken wire, wood, chicken wire staples and a post hole digger, with future allocations for other necessary garden materials possible at next week’s meeting.

Freshman Sen. Travis Mistry moved to amend the bill further to remove the allocation for a post hole digger, which would have saved $59.98. Mistry said the club could borrow the tool from Physical Plant since senior John Paul Anthony, club president, said it would most likely be needed for only a one-time usage.

Anthony, who represented the club at the meeting, said Physical Plant is somewhat open to sharing tools but is concerned about students breaking them.

The vote went to a roll call and was tied 6-6. Vice President Joshua Schutte voted nay, and the amendment failed.

“I do understand that this is a seemingly unnecessary purchase as it might be a one-time use,” Schutte said. “But … I think it will be a continually useful tool, and Physical Plant has not shown to be the most helpful in giving out their supplies in the past.”

After further amendments to the language and reallocations of the bill, it passed unanimously, reallocating $653.28 from the Veritas Society’s and the Verso L’alto and Juventutum clubs’ budgets to the Catholic agrarian club.

Spring Bill No. 98 reallocated $125 from Young Americans for Freedom (YAF)’s spring budget to FUSG to pay for a shuttle driver during grad week.

Junior Sen. James Duarte said Spring Bill No. 35 neglected to properly allocate funds for a shuttle to and from Froelich’s so that students do not face unnecessary risks.

Senior Sen. Jonathan Meinholz opposed the bill since YAF had not been notified of the reallocation.

Senior President Alex McKenna said the bill should be passed since YAF has not used its funds and has consistently not reached out to FUSG this semester.

Senior treasurer Molly Propson said YAF will be notified, but YAF cannot use the money unless it is reallocated since they did not use it for its originally allocated purpose. The bill was passed.

Other legislation:

Spring Bill No. 94 allocated $163 to the Veritas Society for its spring ball Friday, April 29.
Spring Bill No. 95 reallocated $185 from the 5K fund to team bonding for LIFE Runners. The reallocated funds were for a trail run at Tomlinson Run State Park April 30.
Spring Bill No. 96 allocated $4.62 to FUSG for funds overspent on the Ukraine fundraiser.
Spring Bill No. 99 reallocated $230 from the Veritas Society printing budget to Filipinos for Christ to fund their lumpia sale fundraiser April 29.

Propson said the total contingency fund is $379.76. Total funds spent is $13,950.43.

Senior Secretary Emily Adams and sophomore Justice Sean Winkler were excused, and junior Sen. Emilia DeGroat was absent and unexcused from the meeting.

Student Government will convene for its last meeting of the semester next Wednesday, May 4, at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.