FUSG swears in new members, says farewell to old

Christopher Dacanay
Sports Editor

Nine students were sworn into Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) following the stepping down of the previous president and vice-president at FUSG’s last meeting of the semester Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Sworn in were junior President Jared Johnson; junior Vice President Caleb Rider; graduate student Sen. Naomi Tatro; senior Sens. Francesco Pinque and James Duarte; junior Sen. Francis Langley; and sophomore Sens. Amelia Abdalla, Peter Sammons and Makena Wisniewski.

Johnson, who won the FUSG presidency through his Life in Abundance campaign, said after the meeting: “It’s very satisfying to get here, finally. (We will be) giving this coming year to God and hoping he can guide us to make it the best year we can.”

Rider said, “It’s weird always imagining what it would be like, and now you’re here. … We’re in the position now, so it’s time to act, and I think both Jared and I are ready to act.

“We’re already trying to do our best to work hard for all (of) the students, and that’s why we did it, right? Because we love the students, and we love Franciscan.”

Rider adjourned the meeting, marking his first time doing so as vice president.

Senior Alex McKenna, now the former FUSG president, said, “Guys, it’s been a good run. … We’ve had our differences, we have had our agreements. We have had our thorns, we’ve had our roses, but it has nonetheless been quite a wild ride — a ‘silly goose time,’ in the words of our former chief justice.

“I’m very excited to be gone now, doing brighter and better things in an Arab nation far, far away. … Thank you, guys, thank you very much.”

Senior Joshua Schutte, former vice-president, said, “Thank you, guys, for the year; it has been truly fun. … It has been a great time; we’ve done a lot.”

During the meeting, senior Monica Forsthoefel, FUSG historian, gave a presentation detailing her research on the history of FUSG.

Senior Treasurer Molly Propson said the contingency funds amount to $212.14, and the total funds spent this semester equal $60,893.38.

Spring Bill 101 reallocated $975.90 to the Catholic Agrarian Club from various club budgets in order to purchase supplies for expanding the community garden.
Spring Bill 104 reallocated $450 to compensate three members of FUSG’s Grad Week Committee. Traditionally, committee members are compensated at $150 per individual.
Spring Bill 105 reallocated $400 to fund the Night for Seniors at Froelich’s Classic Corner.
Spring Bill 106 reallocated $372.50 within Franciscan University Musical Troupe’s spring budget for music and set pieces.
Spring Bill 102 reallocated $250 to FUSG for the printing at Office Depot of booklets that contain advice and memes for nursing students.
Spring Bill 107 reallocated $102.17 to FUSG to cover Grad Week costs, including unforeseen fees that were not covered in the previous Grad Week bill.

The meeting’s best dressed were the former executive staff.

Junior Sen. Mary Catherine Prostejovsky was absent and excused from the meeting.