FUSG sworn in during first meeting of year


Franciscan University Student Government (FUSG) began the new school year by swearing in several of the body’s legislative, judicial and executive members during its formal meeting Sept. 7.

After being gaveled in by FUSG Vice President Gabe Gessler, the meeting progressed to the secretary’s report, where Secretary Autumn Schimmer reminded the gathered senators that all proposed bills must be submitted through email before the informal meeting on Monday nights.

Chief Justice Ben Idzik then swore in the following senators for the 2017-18 year: seniors Catherine Swope, Victoria Snell and Marisa Pinto; junior Jacob Watson and sophomores Daniel McNichol and Danny Bagley.

Following this, Gessler introduced Fall Bills 1-9, for the confirmation of several cabinet members. They were approved in the following order: Autumn Schimmer, secretary; John Paul Talbot, internal auditor; Jasmine Cortez, executive assistant and public relations liaison; Ben Idzik, chief justice; Nicole Hough, treasurer; Harrison Schimmer, justice; Rebecca Doloski, justice; Erin Cummings, justice; Annie Arvidson, Austrian Ambassador.

In a renewed effort for transparency, President Samantha Martinez urged the senators to discuss all bills during debate.  Reflecting on her own experience as a senator, she said, “No one needs to have the same mind.  I really encourage healthy debate among the new senators.”

The meeting then moved on the remaining bills on the agenda.

Fall Bill #10 called for the allocation of $200 to the Young Americans for Freedom club. The funds would be used to buy food and refreshments for the club’s Sept. 10 showing of the documentary “9/11.”  Following a motion by Sen. McNichol to adjust the event’s date, the bill passed without objection.

Followed by this was Fall Bill #11, allocating $600 to the FUS women’s volleyball team.  The bill called for the allocated funds to be used for the purchase of t-shirts and raffle baskets to support the team’s Dig Pink Day fundraiser. Representing the club was head coach Kelly Herrmann. After brief discussion, the bill was passed unanimously.

Fall Bill #12, sponsored by Sen. Watson, asked that $200 be allocated to the Franciscan University Byzantine Club.  According to Watson, who also serves as the club’s president, the money would be used to purchase the book, ‘A Way of the Pilgrim.” The bill passed by a vote of 5-0, with Watson abstaining.

Fall Bill #13 was the final piece of legislation introduced on behalf of the Franciscan University Equestrian Club but was tabled to the lack of a club representative in attendance.

President Martinez announced the formation of the new Dining Committee.  According to Martinez, the committee will be composed primarily of FUSG members but is open to any interested students on campus.  The committee’s first meeting will be Sep. 13 at 10 a.m.

Chief Justice Idzik then swore in the new members of the judicial and legislative branches before the meeting was adjourned.

FUSG will next meet Sep. 13 at 11 a.m. in the St. Leo Room.