Get excited about Exc!te’s events for students

Grace Murphy

Staff Writer

Senior Aileen Casillas, president of Exc!te, described Exc!te as a student-run organization that “plans large campus events for all students,” such as the annual Irish Fest, Festa D’Italia and the recent “Footloose” country night.

Casillas first became involved with Exc!te in her sophomore year and has held the position of president for the 2020-2021 school year.

Exc!te sponsors and organizes a variety of events for Franciscan University of Steubenville students to enjoy on-campus and operates under the Student Life office.

In the past, Exc!te has planned numerous campus-wide events, including cultural fests and formal dances. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has made it difficult to plan large-scale events this year.

“The hardest part of planning events during COVID times was how the guidelines were always changing,” said Casillas.

“You never knew if the event was going to change the day of, because it totally could, and it’s hard to plan events like that since you have to reserve things the day of.”

Exc!te adjusted to COVID guidelines by reducing attendance capacity and moving events outside or to larger facilities such as Finnegan Fieldhouse.

“I think this year really taught us a lot of adaptability, not being too attached to a plan but really quick on our feet since stuff could always change last minute,” said Casillas.

Casillas said that her favorite event she has planned with Exc!te is the most recent: “The Lord of the Rings” movie nights.

“I am really excited about it. I really enjoy movie nights,” said Casillas.

Exc!te hosted three movie nights at Finnegan Fieldhouse, each night showing one of the Lord of the Rings movies April 17, April 19 and April 28.

Casillas said that Exc!te is always looking for student ideas and input.

Casillas said, “We are always open to people coming in to give suggestions at meetings.”

Exc!te meetings are held Wednesdays at 11 a.m. in the St. Margaret Room of the J.C. Williams Center. Exc!te also appreciates having student volunteers for events.

Students may contact Exc!te by emailing [email protected] or by visiting its office of the ground floor of the J.C. Williams Center.