Guys in ties, girls in pearls for Crown of Creation dance

Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls dance
Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls dance
The ladies of Crown of Creation dance at their household’s Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls dance Saturday.

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Guys and girls dressed in their best at the first-ever Crown of Creation dance held in the J.C. Williams Center Saturday night.

The theme of the dance was “Guys in Ties, Girls in Pearls.” Household coordinator Ariela Marquez said that the reason this particular theme was chosen was to incorporate the household theme into a dance.

“Because we are a TOB (Theology of the Body) household, we wanted the dance to reflect the beauty that TOB represents,” said Marquez.

Blue icicle lights added a regal ambiance to the atmosphere. White tablecloths with tea light candles were placed on the cocktail tables where guests could enjoy refreshments. A photo booth was also available to dance-goers who wanted to remember a great night with some fun pictures.

Despite hosting an enjoyable night for couples and friends, Crown of Creation was hoping to raise some money. Inaugurated April 27, 2012, Crown of Creation is still relatively new and hoped to raise funds for their growing household.

Crown of Creation “seek(s) to live out Blessed John Paul II’s message of “Theology of the Body.” Recognizing that they are created in the image and likeness of God for interpersonal communion, they are called to use their God-given dignity to be spiritual mothers. Crown of Creation has chosen Blessed John Paul II, St. Michael the Archangel, and the Holy Family to intercede for the intentions of the household.”

Relatively sixty students in total attended the dance.

“It’s exciting because it’s our first dance,” said Joanne Kersten, sophomore and intent to Crown of Creation. “It is interesting to see how the whole dance came together. Even though it can be stressful to do something like this, it is so fun and so exciting to see all my future sisters dressed up and being sisterly.”

Freshman, Gabrielle Spezia said, “The Crowns are a great household and I wanted to support their mission.

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