Halo Tournament a success, draws crowd from all across campus


Photo by: Elizabeth Wagner

On Monday, Feb. 11, sounds of guns, fire and cheers overflowed from the St. Leo Room of the J.C. Williams Center as the Hounds of Heaven household hosted a Halo tournament.

The new household, Hounds of Heaven, drew men and women from all around campus to the St. Leo room for a Halo tournament fundraiser. The back of the room was buzzing with students who, while not competing in the tournament, came to watch and support the tournament, their eyes glued to the action on-screen.

Fifteen people competed in the tournament, including member of households such as Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, Knights of the Holy Queen and even Living Stones — known for its video game ban — along with TOR brother Zachary Burns, among others.

To incentivize participation, Hounds of Heaven offered prizes for first, second, third and fourth place. First place received a $20 gift card to Taco Bell, second place received a $10 gift card to Wendy’s, and third and fourth places a $5 gift card to McDonald’s each.

During the tournament, students competed against each other in the popular game “Halo 3.” Starting with four players playing at a time, the competition got fierce as the brackets narrowed, ending up with the top two competition facing each other.

In the end, Matthew Bachmann won the tournament. Daniel Fisher received second place. Michael Delaney and Robb Susnik tied for the third and fourth place slots.

Michael Schisla, a senior transfer from Aquinas College and coordinator of Hounds of Heaven, said, “We weren’t sure what the response to a Dominican household would be.” Schisla expressed how grateful he was for the support of the different households, noting that even “Fr. Gregory gave an exception (in the Priestly Discernment Program) for the tournament.”

Schisla, in light of the turnout, said that “we are already planning fall 2019’s Halo tournament.” Schisla expects it to be on a Friday night with a concession stand, e-sports commentator and in a bigger room.

Those present at the tournament appreciated the experience. Grady Stuckman, senior, said that he “enjoyed the event because it brings people from all over campus who never see each other to enjoy each other as a community.”

Senior Joseph Tweed agreed, saying that “it was a good chance for men and women to come together and partake in a fun pastime.”