Handmaid’s coffeehouse showcases talented acts

The Revelations
The Revelations
Photo by Melissa Longua
The men’s Acappella group, The Revelations, performs “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Disney’s Mulan.


Monday night the J.C. Williams Center was full of students sipping on cider and snaking on delicious baked goods while enjoying the fall coffeehouse hosted by The Handmaids of the Lord.

The coffeehouse was a success due to the many musically talented students of Franciscan University.

Josefa Gonzalez, a freshman at Franciscan said, “It’s amazing how many students here can play an instrument or sing. Everyone’s so gifted.”

The Revelations, the men’s acapella group, thrilled the crowd with fun renditions of a classic Beach Boys song and also, a performance from the Disney movie, “Mulan.”

Senior, Renee Grau said about The Revelations that “it was so entertaining watching all those guys sing a Disney song. I especially loved seeing brothers, Christian and Connor Kleb sing their hearts out together on stage.”

Elijah Simon, famously known for his performance of Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” at the Homecoming weekend talent show, sang and played a couple songs on the piano.

Simon was followed by another musician and artist, Taylor Tripodi, who is a junior at Franciscan this year. Tripodi sang her version of “Amazing Grace” along with one of her original songs.

Additionally, there were a few students who sang harmonizing duets, often accompanied by instruments.

Lastly, the Baron Harmonics wrapped up the show with Frank Sinatra’s “Fly with Me.”

The coffeehouse was free but The Handmaids received many donations that they will be putting toward their retreat funds.

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