Household attracts crowd with pink-themed dance

Photo by Mary-Grace Byers

Sebastian Gonzalez
Staff Writer

Students filled the lower J.C. to dance amid pink streamers and balloons at the Knights of the Holy Queen Pink Shirt Dance Saturday, Sept. 25 from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Speakers blasted contemporary music as people packed the atrium to dance and sing.

The Pink Shirt Dance is a traditional fundraiser for the men’s household. Admission cost $3 for a single person to enter, while groups of five could pay $10 to enter together. The first 50 people to arrive at the party were given free pink shirts after paying for admission.

The pink theme of the household’s dance comes from a long-standing tradition among the Knights to throw pink parties, household coordinator Alex Heller said.

Heller, a senior, said, “The reason why we wear pink is a longstanding tradition in our household. We used to (have) parties off campus to promote proper partying. We did a dance this time because we felt that people would rather (have) a party on campus.”

Joseph Fitzpatrick, a freshman, said, “I’ve been waiting for (this event) for three days.”

Margaret McKinnon, a sophomore, said “Very energetic, the Knights know how to incentivize Franciscan students by giving out (free) t-shirts.”

Junior Sarah Lynn Nelson said, “If a man has the courage to wear pink, you know he’s holy.”

The Knights of the Holy Queen household common room can be found on the second floor of Saint Junipero Serra Hall.