Household brings heaven to earth with saintly party, costume contest


All Saint’s Day celebrations began early this year as students dressed up as favorite saints for a party and costume contest in the J.C. Williams Center Saturday night. 

The event attracted over a few dozen attendees and kicked off with a costume contest between students who dressed up as saints. Some of the honorable mentions were St. Bernard, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and “death” from Revelation 6:8, but first place went to St. Therese of Lisieux, whose costume was complete with a bouquet of roses. 

After the contest was over, students danced underneath blue and white streamers, and popular tunes filled the air of the atrium.  

Senior Shelby Ellis, one of the coordinators of the hosting household Love of the Lamb, said, “We wanted to put this dance on because we don’t have any events, at least right now, at Franciscan for All Saint’s Day.” She also said that they put on a costume contest so that students could have something other than the dance to enjoy. 

“There weren’t a lot of people here, so I don’t know if it was a huge success,” said Ellis. “But we want to try again next year … (and) see if we can get more (people), like get the word out sooner.”  

Even though the dance didn’t generate as much revenue as Love of the Lamb hoped it would, the students who went had fun nonetheless. “My friends and I thought that the saints party was really fun,” said Elise Praetzel, freshman. “We enjoyed being in costume and seeing how everyone expressed themselves as their special saint.” 

“The Love of the Lamb dance was anything but sheepish,” said Lorlena Nelson, freshman. “I had so much fun and loved everyone’s costumes.” 

As the night came to a close, those who went to the party left with a sense that Love of the Lamb brought a little piece of heaven down to Earth that evening.