Household dance encourages students to dress in bedsheets

Grace Murphy
Staff Writer

Theotokos women’s household hosted a toga dance Friday at 9 p.m. in the courtyard between Finnegan Fieldhouse and the J.C. Williams Center.

Students came to the “Theotoga” dance dressed in handmade togas. Togas were made from a variety of materials including the classic bedsheets, scarves, towels and blankets.

Theotokos advertised for the dance beforehand. One of their advertising techniques included a TikTok video with instructions on how to make a toga out of a bedsheet. Several Theotokos members were spotted on campus wearing togas during the day on Friday before the dance.

Attendance was small in the beginning but gradually more people came throughout the night. People coming out of the Finnegan Fieldhouse also danced their way across the courtyard on their way to other locations.

The courtyard was decorated with blue streamers. Theotokos’ household banner and cross were on display.

Emily Martinez, senior and Theotokos member, was the DJ for the event. She played a variety of party hits and new music.

A microphone was placed in front of the DJ station. Attendees were encouraged to come up and sing along to their favorite songs. Several students took the lead in demonstrating steps for different line dances to the crowd.

Theotokos also created a homemade photo backdrop. The backdrop was white with “Theo-Toga Dance” painted in blue letters.

Students said they appreciated the Theotokos members’ enthusiasm and welcoming attitudes.

Freshman Lucy Gutierrez said, “The music was great. I loved seeing all the different patterns of the togas. Definitely the most comfortable dress code.”

The dance was a fundraiser for the household. The entrance fee was $3 for a single person and $5 for two people.



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