Household goes all in on casino night fundraiser

By Peter Elijah Lim
Staff Writer

Pater Noster men’s household and Excite partnered to provide free food, gambling and prizes to participants at a casino night event in the Gentile Gallery on March 3 at 6 p.m.

The event, intended to introduce students to prudent gambling outside the context of a real casino, included games such as Texas hold ‘em, black jack, craps and roulette.

In addition, the casino night served as a fundraiser for Pater Noster. The entry fee for the evening was $5 for 19 poker chips, with the chips equaling 75 points.

The participants who ended the night with the most chips had a chance to win a $20 Domino’s Pizza gift card or a $15 or $20 Dairy Queen gift card.

Participants were encouraged to invite friends to join them and to learn new games while at the event.

Participants were also provided with free food, including cheese and pepperoni pizza, soda and water.

The entrance to the gallery was decorated with candles and a red carpet. Inside, jazz and 1970s rock music was played.

Senior Pater Noster household member Christopher Sniffin added that the event’s planners chose to include some basic games so that participants who had never played poker could easily learn different versions of the game and so that more experienced participants could teach their friends over the event’s four-hour duration.

Senior Mary Smith said of the event, “I appreciated this casino night because I got to learn about poker and look forward to the other games offered. Pater Noster has done an excellent job with the professionalism of tonight… (it was) a fun time with friends and free food.”