Household hosts classy semi-formal dance

Grace Murphy
Social Media Manager

A household hosted a semi-formal dance fundraiser Saturday in the J.C. Williams Center atrium beginning at 7:30 p.m.

The theme of the dance was “Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearls,” hosted by Crown of Creation women’s household as its annual fundraiser.

The girls in attendance wore a variety of dresses ranging from semi-formal to formal. The guys also had a diverse fashion range from button ups with dress pants to suspenders and tuxedos.

Crown of Creation charged an entrance fee of $3 for singles and $5 for duos. At the entrance, Crown of Creation members handed out plastic pearl necklaces to female guests and ring pops to male guests. The first 24 girls to arrive were given pearl necklaces.

Members of Crowns decorated the J.C. atrium with pink and white streamers from the upstairs railway and wrapped silver tinsel around the stairwell. White and blue lights were strung around throughout the J.C.

The dance had a Valentine’s Day theme with a Valentine’s themed photo area. The table centerpieces were clear vases filled with pink and red faux roses with pearls wrapped around.

The Crown of Creation household banner was displayed at the front of the dancefloor near the bookstore entrance. Under the banner was the DJ station. Crown of Creation members Angela Iturrioz and Luna Oppus, seniors, switched off disc jockeying for the event.

The DJs were decked out in red heart-shaped sunglasses and red boas. Various other Crown’s members danced on stage and helped hype the crowd up. The music included standard dance music and also a variety of Spanish music.

In addition to dancing, household members sold homemade earrings and Valentine’s Day cards. They also raffled off a “Date Night” basket.

Freshman Lucy Gutierrez said, “The energy was great. The snacks were so cute. Everyone was having fun.”

Freshman Maya Rodriguez said, “The music was top notch and the décor was so much fun. It was popping.”