Household hosts epic Space Dance with special surprises


Photo by: Patrick Barry

On Friday, Sept. 14, students landed in the J.C. Williams Center for music, dancing, community and a special visit from some other worldly creatures at the Space Dance, hosted by In His Image household.

The outer space-themed event on Friday was well-attended, and students packed in to dance in close proximity to their peers. Senior Brennan McNamara, one of the coordinators of the event, was very pleased with the turnout, noting that many upperclassmen joined the party, intermingling with the freshmen attendees. “A lot of other households were present as well, mainly AMDG and Stella,” said McNamara.

According to McNamara, the success of their dance was due largely to the support of an alumnus of the household, who donated $250 toward the Space Dance. The household members began planning for this dance over the summer, and during the event itself, all 17 household members played a specific role.

Throughout the dance, a new space-themed surprised was around every corner. Fifty green alien balloons rained down into the atrium, three “aliens” performed a choreographed dance with an “astronaut” and Darth Vader even made an appearance.

As for the choreographed dance, McNamara noted that, although the astronaut was household member Ulises Iniguez, the three aliens were freshman who just happened to be living on their wing. “We loved incorporating our household with new students and giving them a chance to be a part of something bigger so early on at their time at Franciscan,” said McNamara.

The music also resonated with those in attendance. McNamara created a four-hour playlist with the space theme in mind. “Working on the iMovie mixing was my favorite part,” McNamara said. “If the music wasn’t up to par, the night would not be as great as possible.”

As the crowds returned to Earth, it was clear that the time and money put into the dance were well spent. For McNamara, though, the happiness at the end of the dance went even deeper. “We are extremely proud with the night and our chance to represent ourselves as made in the image and likeness of Christ,” he said.