Household hosts Roman-style boogie

By Thomas Schmiesing
Staff Writer

One hundred students wearing togas, laurel wreaths and sandals made the J.C. Williams Center atrium their dance floor at 9 p.m. on Sept. 9.

The dance was put on by the household Theotokos. They chose to make the theme and dress code for their dance revolve around togas, punning on their household name by calling the event “Theotogas.”

When Friday evening rolled around, students put on their best Roman-style outfits. Many wore realistic-looking togas and wreaths, while others wrapped themselves in a bath towel or bedsheet.

Students filtered into the J.C. Williams Center starting around 9 p.m., and people continued to arrive until there were nearly one hundred dancers in the atrium.

Many were wearing togas, while some people opted for the t-shirt and shorts look.

“There were a lot less togas than I was expecting,” said senior Ben Crowley.

The strobe lights began to flash as the crowd danced to songs such as “Church Clap,” “Watch Me” and “Soulja Boy.”

The music mixed with the energy of the dancers to create an atmosphere that was “electric” and “a lot of fun,” according to Crowley.

Throughout the evening new arrivals slowly trickled in to join the groups of dancers.

The dance started to wind down towards midnight, although several people continued to dance.

Freshman Katie Harakal said that the dance was “really good” and that “it was a really creative idea to have a toga-themed dance.”

Senior Collette Varga, coordinator of Theotokos, said that her household had decided to run a dance to both “fundraise” and to “foster community on campus.”


Varga, who was by the door collecting admission fees, said it was “really fun watching sisters have so much fun.”


“I love seeing households … (and) people come have fun with us,” added Varga.