Household hosts semi-formal dance with style


Photo by: Kendal Huntsman

On April 7, students heading out of the Festival of Praise could hear music inviting them to the Guys in Ties and Girls in Pearlsdance in the J.C. Williams Center, hosted by Crown of Creation household.

The theme is an annual one for the households dance, which requires a semi-formal dress code. Senior Sam Wroblewski said, One of our founders wanted to create a classy dance for campus. A dance that was still a lot of fun, but respected men and women for who they are. Being a Theology of the Body household, this is extremely important to us for anything we as a household sponsor or put on for campus.

The J.C. was decorated in style, and a member of the household acted as D.J. for the night, putting on popular tunes from a playlist for students to dance to.

It was really good and the music was awesome as usual!said Freshman Liam Galligan.

Sophomore Michelle Samano said the dance was classy and fun.

The Crowns made the J.C. feel so warm and welcoming,she said. The dance floor was full of energy and joy and nothing beats standing in a circle with the entire room singing Don’t Stop Believing at the top of your lungs!

Freshman Layna Corbett, an intent to the household, said We came together as a household to make sure the dance went well.

And it appeared to. All present were smiling, laughing and dancing like their feet were on fire. Another success for the Crownsrecord books.