Household life Mass ends with awards

Photo by Elizabeth Wagner

Theresa Balick

Staff Writer

Household life came to a close Friday during the men’s and women’s Household Life Masses in Finnegan Fieldhouse, after which household life awards were given.

Originally scheduled for 4:45 p.m. outside of the fieldhouse, inclement weather caused the men’s and women’s households to split, with the men’s Household Life Mass being celebrated at 3 p.m. followed by the women’s Household Life Mass at 4:45 p.m. in the fieldhouse.

The Rev. Matthew Russick, TOR, celebrated Mass for the men while the Rev. Jonathan McElhone, TOR, celebrated Mass for the women.

The Masses began with some members of each household processing their vibrant banners into the fieldhouse while their fellow members cheered them on.

Following the Masses, Gabriel Salamida, coordinator of Household Life, gave out the yearly household awards.

The TOR Tough Guy Award was given to the Rev. Donald Frinkso, TOR.

For the men: the St. Francis Award was given to Seraphic Valor; the Men’s Coordinator of the Year was given to senior Greg Schratz of Brotherhood of St. Francis; and the Steel Cross Award was given to Disciples of the Word.

For the women: the St. Clare Award was given to Magnifica Amorem Christi; the Women’s Coordinator of the Year Award was given to senior Gracie Tillman of Daughters of Divine Mercy; and the Steel Cross Award was given to Theotokos.

Junior Elizabeth Williams, a member of MAC, said, “We were so happy and grateful to be awarded the St. Clare Award! MAC has doubled in size this year. … We’re only 3 years old, but we’ve grown so much, and I’m so proud of all my fellow sisters!”

Tillman said, “I did not expect it at all. … Being a coordinator is all about being a servant, and I am honored to have served such an amazing household this year.”

Sophomore Dominique Tedrow, an intent to Daughters of Divine Mercy, said, “I already knew Gracie was going to be the coordinator of the year when she accepted my 2-cent bribe on Venmo to have a little chat about household and then proceed to let me sit in a closed bin for 30 minutes.”

Freshman Chiara Ricupero, a member of Love of the Lamb, said, “It was so amazing hearing everyone sing and be so prideful in their households. The energy in the room was clear; the Holy Spirit was present.”