Household Olympics

By Estelle Mandeville
Staff Writer

Regina Angelorum Household won the women’s half of the Household Olympics for the 10th year in a row on Saturday, September 3, on the Intramural Field. Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Household took gold for the men’s side.

To start the games, the Rev. Dave Pivonka, TOR, rode down the road in an ATV and signaled a start to the Olympics with a lit torch.

The playing field was divided into two halves. The women started on the right half, where a costume relay, flag football, a napkin-eating relay and a wheelbarrow relay, were played. The left side held an obstacle course, an egg toss-and-dodge, a pyramid challenge, a keg-roll, a pickle-toss and a spinning relay race. The men and the women swapped sides halfway through the games.

Near the end of the Olympics, the Household Council collected the scorecards for all the teams and announced the winners. The champions were decided through semifinal and final rounds of tug-of-war. The tug-of-war was fought over a kiddie pool filled with pudding mix. The rope had a red bandana tied to it to mark the middle.

The women’s semifinalists went first, with Regina Babelorum, a Regina Angelorum team, conquering Carae Domination, a Carae Domini team. In the next women’s game, Crows of Destruction Part 2, a Crowns of Creation team, triumphed over Spicy Tacos, a team from the Theotokos household.

The men held their semifinals next as Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam beat Thunderbolt, an Apprentices of St. Joseph team. Then, Brothers Part 2, a team of the Brothers of Eternal Song, beat Sons of Thunder, a Guardians of the Divine Will team.

Next, the finals were played with the women first and then the men. Regina Babelorum tugged against Crowns of Destruction Part 2. The match was over when the players in the front of the rope from Crowns of Destruction splashed into the kiddie pool, splashing the first two rows of spectators with the pudding mix and signaling a win for Regina Babelorum.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam conquered Brothers Part 2 for the final round, bringing an end to the games.

The 2022 Household Olympics were organized by the Household Council.