Household provides fun with annual Casino Night


Photo by: Kendal Hunstman

On April 12, Pater Noster household held its annual Casino Night in the bottom floor of the J.C. Williams Center. Almost the entire household was there throughout the evening, working tables and the drink stand.

The attire for the evening was business formal, and all men in the household dressed in their Sunday best. The night was set up like a normal casino. Once a student arrived, he or she checked in to cash his or her chips and begin playing games. Pater Noster provided Shirley Temples for attendees.

Household coordinator Eric Ternus, who was in charge of the event, sat at the table in the center playing Blackjack with those who attended. This event occurs every semester with our household and it always a fun event,said Ternus.

Household member Andrew Hagopian was in charge of a table where students played Poker.

Texas hold em was another popular game of the evening.

The best part of the evening was that whoever had the most chips at the end of the night would receive a monetary prize. Freshman Michael Delaney was the winner of this prize.

I really enjoy Casino Night,said freshman Patrick Barry. Its a fun time with my household brothers, and it is refreshing to see them having fun instead of under the constant pressure of school.

Pater Noster had advertised for the event with posters all over Ss. Louis and Elizabeth Hall and the J.C. Williams Center. There were decorations on the tables throughout the evening, and many curious students showed up.

Overall, the night was a success with a decent turn out. The household advised to watch out for Pater Nosters next household event because its new coordinator, JohnMark Cayer, is always coming up with new ideas.

I like the element of surprise,said Cayer, so you will never really know what we are up to until it happens.

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