Household shines with stellar new dance


A new themed dance attracted students to the J.C. William’s Center for a night of “Dancing with the Stars” Friday, Sept. 27. 

Punning on the name of their household, Stella Mariae hosted the dance and charged $3 for a “Celebrity” and $5 for a “Dynamic Duo.” The dance ran from 9 p.m. to midnight, and the household also sold Gatorade at the door for thirsty dancers.  

To add a new twist to the tradition of the “J.C. dance,” Stella Mariae encouraged visitors to dress up as celebrities, and members of the household welcomed the attendees with sparkles and glowsticks. 

It was fun for everyone to see how different people interpreted “stars.” Some people dressed up as their favorite childhood celebrities — such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen — while others went as their favorite basketball players.  

Music boomed through the J.C. William’s Center as people trickled in and out of the dance. Stella’s DJ played classic songs everyone knew and loved. Since this was the first dance Stella Mariae’s Household has put on, not many people came, but everyone who did show up came decked out in style and had a blast.  

“I think Stella did a really good job keeping everyone engaged,” said junior Gianna Davison. 

Stella Mariae pushed through the “J.C. dance” stereotype, and students who came had a good time. The woman’s household had a blast throwing the dance and are hoping to repeat the event in future semesters.  

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