Household turns back time at ’70s-themed dance


Photo by: Anne Deemer

At 9 p.m. Sept. 20, an all-out ’70s bash took over the J.C. Williams Center as students went back in time with the Lions of Judah (LoJ) household. 

The well-attended event featured streamers that helped create the joyful atmosphere. As the lights flashed vibrant colors, students grooved to tunes both classic and current.  

Nicholas Larkins, junior and member of LoJ, said that many dance themes are too specific or not wellliked, so LoJ chose an era of music that “people enjoy dancing to (and) doesn’t involve any type of profanity.”

LoJ members made sure no one ran out of energy as they tossed down candy and treats from the second floor to the ecstatic crowd below. Students made the most of the theme by dressing up as hippies with flowery outfits, headbands, wigs and the famous round glasses that were a signature item of the decade. 

The members of LoJ made the most of the event, too. As the music pumped the crowd up, they waved their signature banner and held up the trophy they won at this year’s Household Olympics. The men of LoJ had fun with the theme, dressing up as well. 

Larkins said the purpose of the dance was to fundraise for future household events. “We would say that it was a success. … We raised a good bit of money, so we think we’ll be able to do, as a household, what we think we need to do.” According to Larkins, LoJ enjoyed putting on the dance. 

The crowd took the theme to heart, and the air filled with a nostalgic essence that would make previous generations proud. “The dance was a blast from the past,” said Mckenzie Martinez, freshman. “(I) really enjoyed my time grooving to classic songs.”  

The men of LoJ also carried around their famous partypenguin as student did the conga and the cha-cha slide. “I have never danced with a penguin before,” said freshman Bebe Menkhaus, “but now, I can say I did. Thank you, … Lions of Judah.” 

As the night came to a close, students jumped back to 2019, and it was clear the dance was a groovy success.