Households aim for glory, steak in annual tournament

By Mia Brounstein

Finnegan Fieldhouse shook with cheers, music and pelting rubber balls as hundreds of students participated in Franciscan’s annual household dodgeball tournament on Jan. 28.

Twenty-two men’s household teams and 26 women’s household teams were signed up to compete in the bracket-style tournament, with teams varying in size and competitiveness. 

After some opening remarks, the contest got started with members of last year’s winning teams, In His Image and Handmaids, throwing the opening pitches of the game at the Rev. Rufino Corona, T.O.R., and Director of Evangelization Bob Lesnefsky.

The competition began with the women’s teams playing on the right side of Kuzma Court and the men’s teams playing on the left.

As the tournament went on, visiting spectators as well as other members of the competing households stood on the sidelines to cheer the players on. Many household members came decked out in gear and face paint, with some hoisting symbols of their household in the bleachers.

After about two and a half hours of play, the tournament finalists emerged. The two finalist teams from the women’s side belonged to Handmaidens of the Lord and Theotokos, while the men’s finalist teams were from Corpus Christi and Prodigal Sons households.

Each set of finalists played three games, surrounded by hundreds of cheering spectators. Theotokos and Prods ultimately came out on top, winning 2-1 and earning their households the prize of a steak dinner for their household retreats.

Senior Mary Therese Druffner, who is coordinator of Theotokos as well as captain of the winning team, said of the event, “Tonight was a great night full of joy … It was great to see everybody come out and support household life.”

“All glory be to our Lord!” she added.