Households and visitors compete in 2023 Household Dodgeball Tournament

By Estelle Mandeville
Staff Writer

Handmaids of the Lord and In His Image households were crowned the winners of the annual Household Dodgeball Tournament on Sunday, Feb. 5 in the Finnegan Fieldhouse.

The court was split in half, with men’s households competing on one side and women’s on the either. Single-elimination games were played on each dodgeball court until eight men’s and eight women’s teams remained.

The final eight teams each competed in three-round matches.

The final eight teams on the men’s side included three teams from Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam household: AMDG, BMDG and CMDG. The remaining five men’s teams were Prods from Prodigal Sons’ Return household, Seraphic Studs from Seraphic Valor household, Corpus Christi household, In His Image household and Defenders of Purity household.

The final eight women’s teams were DOZ and Daughters of Zion from Daughters of Zion household, Servants of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus household, Handmaids of the Lord household, Madonna of the Streets household, Daughters of Divine Mercy household, Stella Swole Team 1 from Stella Mariae household and Theotokos Team 2 from Theotokos household.

For the final rounds, everyone moved to the men’s side of the court. Handmaids of the Lord won two games in a row against finalist Madonna of the Streets, winning the women’s tournament.

Shortly afterward, finalists Prods and In His Image competed, with Prods winning one round and In His Image winning two, allowing In His Image household to take the victory for the men’s tournament.

In His Image and Handmaids will be awarded with steak dinners for their respective victories.

Throughout the evening, teams showed their household spirit with T-shirts, face paint and cheers.

Freshman Courtney Van Solkema said, “[the tournament] gave a lot of people who aren’t really involved in households a time to come together.”

“I had a great night with my sisters in a sport that we weren’t necessarily all great in, but we had a great time,” said sophomore Lucy Jones. “I’m excited we got as far as we did.”

The event was sponsored by Household Life and was refereed by grad students.