Households encouraged in spiritual life at Household Life Mass

By Lauren Hunter
Staff Writer

The Rev. Rufino Corona, TOR, encouraged household members to bring each other to heaven at the fall 2022 Household Life Mass at 4:45 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 9, in Finnegan Fieldhouse.

The Fieldhouse was tightly packed, with almost every seat in the building filled. Brothers and sisters from the different households on campus were present, screaming and cheering as the banners processed down the center aisle.

After the students’ screaming died down, the Mass began. Corona concelebrated with four other priests.

After the readings, Corona gave the homily. He presented the homily, saying to the households that he intended to stir up reflection, not only individually, but within individuals’ households.

Corona said, “Sometimes what happens is that we only see holiness as the elimination of sin.”

He invited the students to look past this view and start looking for the good in oneself and one’s household.

Corona said, “How often is it the case that we see the goodness in others but fail to see the goodness within ourselves?”

Comparison of the virtues and strengths that other households have makes people “lose sight of the fact that the Lord … has an individual call for you as a household,” Corona said.

He emphasized that each household has something in common but at the same time is entirely different from the other households. It is something to praise Jesus for and to “be happy about,” Corona said.

It was because of Jesus that each household was formed, and each household is encouraged to grow in some way this year, Corona said.

After Mass, senior Maureen Goetz, co-coordinator of Love of the Lamb household said, “I … loved when Father Rufino, at the end of Mass, was encouraging us to help each other get to heaven. That’s the whole point of household life — to encourage each other and help each other (to) strive for holiness.”