Households, university co-sponsor St. Joseph festival

By Peter Elijah Lim
Staff Writer

Students ate free food, played carnival games and listened to live music at a festival held in honor of St. Joseph in the J.C. Williams Center on March 24.

The event was put on by Apprentices of St. Joseph men’s household, Lilies of St. Joseph women’s household, Excite and Student Government.

Games including giant skee ball, human battleship, giant Jenga, Connect Four and human bumper ball battles were scattered throughout the J.C. Winners of these games received tickets that they could redeem for prizes such as mini skateboards, slap wristbands and plastic puzzles.

Free baked goods, including blueberry muffins, grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and homemade bread, were provided for participants as well.

In addition to the free food, boba tea was sold at the event. Flavors included milk tea, Thai tea, strawberry and mango.

The Apprentices of St. Joseph also sold their signature “Ite Ad Joseph” shirts at the event.

Women’s household Lilies of St. Joseph also had a fundraising table at the festival, where they sold homemade jewelry, chocolates, plants and cards.

The festival also included an open mic night during which various students performed original songs and covers.

Sophomore and Lilies of St. Joseph coordinator Alison Wong said her household has a good relationship with the Apprentices. She added that the Lilies were invited to help decorate and set up the event, in addition to holding a fundraising table.

“The festival is something we do every year on the Solemnity of St. Joseph,” said sophomore and Apprentices of St. Joseph coordinator Noah Ryan. “We are co-hosting it this year with the Lilies of Saint Joseph… and got some help from Excite and the Student Government to host this event as a big party.”